ASP.NET Framework Developer Center - Full of useful articles and information about developing with ASP.NET.

GotDotNet - The .NET Framework community forum.

.NET Framework Developer Center - The home of .NET development.

.NET Homepage - A good starting place for non-development .NET resources.

MSDN Library - Microsoft's premium developer resource brimming with material related to all Microsoft products, with extensive referenece material and articles about the .NET Framework.


GotMono - The Mono community website.

Mono - The home of the Mono project.

Monologue - An assortment of Mono-related blogs.


DotGNU - The home of the PNET's parental project, DotGNU.

getdotgnu - The dotGNU community web portal.

Portable.NET - The home of the Portable.NET project.

Graphics Toolkits

Gtk# - A .NET binding for the Gtk+ toolkit and associate libraries.

MyXaml - The open source XAML implementation.

#WT - A C# port of Java's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT).

WX.NET - A .NET wrapper for the wxWindows cross-platform UI framework.

Qt# - A managed binding for the Qt toolkit.

Ticklesharp - A managed binding for the Tool Command Language and its assocaited graphical toolkit, TK.

VG.NET - An animated vector graphics library for building .NET interfaces.


prj2make-sharp - Converts Visual Studio .NET proj files to a makefile suitable for use with either mcs or csc.

Other Links

Apress - The Authors Press and the book's publishers.

Avanade - The leading global integration consultancy specializing in the Microsoft enterprise platform; employers of M.J. Easton.

BLiNK Software - Sponsors of

Brian Ritchie's site - An excellent resource for all things .NET.

ECMA - The European Computer Manufacturers Association.

ISO - The International Standards Organization.

Profox - THe UK's premier consultancy in call centre software, employers of the book's other author, Jason King.